IMG_6660My name is Mary Sayegh, I am a 25-year-old enthusiastic, young, female student journalist with a drive for success.

I have always been a logical thinker, team player, extrovert and committed individual with strong organizational, planning and co-ordinating skills.

Over the years, I have developed high communication skills and have recently found a passion in the field of journalism. I love being creative, investigating and interacting with different people on a daily basis and being a student-journalist allows for all of the above to be put into practice.

I feel as though there is a lot of potential in my country, South Africa, that is yet to be explored. My goal is to strive to be an explorer, get cultured and produce news-worthy stories through journalism.

As a student journalist at the Wits Vuvuzela, I have learned the following thus far:

  • How to use Adobe products such as Premiere Pro, InDesign, Audition and Photoshop.
  • How to find stories, verify them and produce content for the newspaper.
  • How to produce and edit videos.
  • How to produce content for radio.

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